The Internet, the Web and its successors combined with the rapidly increasing digitization of information and Moore's law has generated a revolution in information access and creation which reaches an ever-increasing portion of humanity. The Web now encompasses more content than all the text in the Library of Congress. The goal of the Intelligent Information Systems Research Laboratory is to explore and support all levels of research that will improve and enhance our ability to generate, manage, search, and mine information and knowledge. Current research covers Internet database design and analysis, mobile Web computing, Web mining and navigation, Web agents, novel and intelligent Web tools, multimedia retrieval, Web and internet models, Web usage, automatic content analysis and digital libraries, Web search, niche search engines, semantic web, scientific databases, data mining, and information retrieval.
Giles Group: Web search, niche search engines, digital libraries
(home, publications, collaborators, contact: giles at ist psu edu)

Li Group: data mining, databases
(home, publications, collaborators, contact: jessieli at ist psu edu)

Mitra Group: databases, ontology, security
(home, publications, collaborators, contact: pmitra at ist psu edu)

Wang Group: image tagging/retrieval, analysis of paintings, biomedical informatics
(home, publications, collaborators, contact: jwang at ist psu edu)

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